Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smaller vs. Bigger Eyes

Just one quick post!

Makeup is all about the art of illusion. Here's a quick tip for you guys on how to achieve smaller and/or bigger eyes (whatever you like). 

If you have super "deep set", "bulging" eyes, chances are, you'd want to lessen or balance it out. 
  • The trick here is LINING your eyes all around with a dark colored pencil/liner/eyeshadow to "push it back". 
  • Remember the rule of thumb that black makes everything sexier/slimmer - that also includes the eyes ;)
This technique works best for chinita shaped eyes since this adds more width and rounds up the eye.
  • Use a white/nude eyeliner to line the INNER waterline. A nude colored liner is less harsh, more subtle and more wearable for everyday.
  • Line the outer portion of the eye (LOWER LASHLINE) with a brown/black eyeshadow/liner up until the middle portion. Do not line it all the way since it "closes" up the eyes and makes them smaller.
  • Don't go overboard with the white liner baka magmukha kang may hyperthyroidism niyan kasi more na more ang luwa ng mata! Yung sakto lang.
Ergo: White makes things bigger. Black smaller. Keri?  

Now that's an optical illusion! 
(get it? optical = eye.. illusion? HAHAHA. Grabe ang funny ko. haha tumawa kayo.)


Ilusyonadang palaka.
Bongga di ba?

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