Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I've been wanting to share this product review with you guys for quite some time now. I just didn't have the time since I've been pretty busy lately. Busy-busyhan. 

I first heard of NYX's lip cremes a year ago after a friend (hi Ross!) raved about how nice the colors were, but I never gave much thought to it until a couple of months ago. So I decided to check them out for myself. 

Before I buy a product online, I make sure to check its reviews and swatches. So I think I owe it to the lovely ladies who posted and shared their thoughts online for helping me choose this amazing little product! Now it's my turn to share my swatches and convince you to try them out for yourself. HAHA.

Check out the swatches after the jump! ;)

So far I only have 3 out of the 11 colors. boo. I plan to get a whole lot more!
Check out their other colors HERE.

(talagang may ganyang efek for size reference!)
L-R: Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Antwerp

Each color is named after a city. Around the world ang peg. Sosyal!

When swatched on my arm

The texture is very "fluffy" due to its high silicone content.
Addis Ababa
It is hard to classify this product since it is neither a lipstick or a gloss. It's a cross between both? As the name implies, they are soft, matte and comes in a cream form! HAHAHA. These babies come in your typical lip-gloss container with a doe-foot applicator.

TEXTURE: Fluffy, mousse-like texture
SCENT: Has a faint vanilla-cupcake smell (YUM!)
COLOR PAY-OFF: What color you see in the bottle is basically what you get. Since it is matte, it will last you a few of hours without retouch. Wore this last night, was too lazy to retouch and I was left with a nice tint on my lips post-dinner. 
HOW MUCH: P270 a pop. (iz zo cheap!)

  • Do use lip balm before applying since this has a matte finish and it might accentuate your already dry lips.
  • Darker colors can be tricky to apply. I suggest using a lip brush when dealing with colors like Amsterdam for a more defined and structured lip look.
  • After applying, give it a couple of minutes to "set" on your lips. Then apply another layer if you want it more opaque.
  • If you find the color too bright to wear for day, you can also use this as a lipstain by dabbing on the product with your fingers rather than the doe-foot applicator. 
Shot under natural and indoor lighting.
My camera was acting up, but Antwerp is a pretty coral shade sa totoong buhay, good for everyday. But in the pics it came off more on the pink side. (Check my arm swatch - that's how it really looks). Make sure to exfoliate and prep your lips since its light color will accentuate flaky lips.

Addis Ababa is definitely a crowd favorite! It almost always gets sold-out online. As you can see, it's a BRIGHT pink color with blue undertones to it. However, it doesn't make your teeth look as yellow as the other pink lipsticks out there (ex: MAC's Pink Nouveau). Color payoff is amazing. 

A picture I took months ago wearing Addis Ababa

Shot under natural and indoor lighting.

Amsterdam is a bright tomato red shade. I love how it made my teeth look extra white. Don't be intimidated my its bright red color, you can use this as a lip stain for a "just-bitten" look. 

Overall, I LOVE this product and would convince anyone who asks about them to try them out asap! haha

Sadly, NYX isn't available locally NGUNIT! NGUNIITTTTT wag mawalan ng pag-asa because you can easily find SMLCs since there are tons of online sellers carrying NYX products. wee!

Except for Amsterdam (which was a gift), I purchased mine at Gwyshop, been buying stuff from them for years now. Very reliable. Do check them out!

What's your favorite SMLC shade? I'd love to hear from you guys!

Hope this post helped you in online shopping ;)


  1. I was about to make a review for these too! My favorite one's in Istanbul~ Your swatches for Amsterdam look great! I am totally convinced to get one haha I thought it was dark kasi it looked dark dun sa containers kaya I didn't even bother D;

    1. My friend has Istanbul! I thought it was too light for me. haha. Will try it nga! Amsterdam is pretty bright in person. As in red lips talaga, more on the orange side though. Unlike say MAC's Russian Red which is a bit blue-ish. :))

  2. There's a stand or nook in Vira Mall that sells Nyx Lip Creams and other stuff (e.g. Urban Decay...Sephora...Tarte)! I forgot the exact location..I have a "map" of it neatly tucked away somewhere..I'll tag you when I find it..maybe you'd want to check it out =)

    1. uyyy! I like! Minsan lang ako magawi sa GH area so I'd like to know where the "secret" store iS. HAHAHA

  3. Great review Miss Judy, the lippy suits you! :)
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines