Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to: Smokey Eyes

Ahhh... the ultimate "clubbing makeup"... the smokey eye *bow* hahaha

A lot of girls are scared of doing this makeup look. Why? The thing is, there is a thin line between a nice looking smokey eye vs looking like Taylor Momsen (happy halloween?). 
So please go easy on the black eyeshadow :))

This look is dedicated to all those in the medical field. To all you doctors, nurses, interns, pharmacists, medtechs, pts, med students etc. ETO ANG ULTIMATE PEG FOR A SURGICAL MASK LOOK. HAHAHAHA. (just make sure that your makeup is sterile. corny.)


Check out the complete look after the jump! (you know you want to)

again... there are several of versions in doing the "smokey eye" and I'd like to share how I do it. I think there is no "right" or "wrong" way. Just make sure you don't look like you're going to a Halloween party. (Unless it's Halloween) Okaaaay? go!

Starting with clean skin, moisturize and slather on lipbalm.
**If you're going out at night skip products with SPF 1)IT'S NIGHT TIME 2)SPF-containing products give off a white-cast (during flash photography) on your face due to the titanium dioxide content. (hello espasol fez).
Groom your brows and remove and stray hairs.

Wanna know a secret? (hahaha. parang commercial lang)
 If you have extremely-crazy dark circles, try using an orange concealer (YES! orange!) BEFORE putting on your foundation & concealer. Why? The orange color cancels out the gray undertones of your skin. Oha sumascience.
Stipple/use a sponge when applying your liquid foundation + concealer for that "airbrushed-effect".
Set everything with some loose powder.

Using an angled brush + brow powder, fill in your brows.
Apply a TINY bit of eye primer (or concealer) on your lids - blend it out of course.

I am batman

Since we're dealing with dark colored shadows, it is best to dust on some loose powder below your eyes to catch any fall out. You can easily dust everything off when you're done.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean + Stiff eyeshadow brush

Start by applying a dark-colored base (it can be a gel-liner, creamy eye pencil, cream eyeshadow, MAC paintpot etc).
***This provides a medium in which the powdered eyeshadow will stick onto. It also helps  in enhancing the color of the eyeshadow.
Quickly blend out with a fluffy brush before the product "sets".
***Make sure to check that the base peeks through your eyes when you look straight (I'm talking to the monolid/chinita girls out there).

Using an eyeshadow brush, gently pat a black MATTE eyeshadow on top of the base applied previously. Make sure not to go past the crease.
Blend it out using a fluffy brush.
***If black eyeshadow intimidates you, feel free to use other colors like dark browns and plums etc. It's really up to you :)

With a shimmery brown colored shadow, apply it above the black eyeshadow earlier.
Gently blend out using a fluffy brush until any harsh lines/demarcations are gone.

For some added "oomph" get a dark plum-colored shadow and dab it on the outer v area then blend. This will help define the eyes even more.

Use a MATTE light/bone colored shadow to highlight your brow bone area. 
Carefully blend down.
This helps in emphasizing your eyebrows as well!

If you noticed that the shimmery color washed out the black eyeshadow ealier, go back and retouch!

Tighline you upper water line with a black water proof eyeliner.
Line your lashline with some liquid liner. 

For the lower lashline, tightline the waterline with a black waterproof liner.
Using a bullet brush, gently smudge a bit of the plum eyeshadow used earlier on top of the liner to "set" it.

Don't forget to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with some shimmery white shadow.

Sweep off any loose powder left on the eyes to clean any fallen eyeshadow.
Curl your lashes, add some falsies + mascara.

After contouring, apply some blush a bit higher than usual. Instead of on the apples of your cheeks, dab it on the upper cheekbone area.
Get some highlighting powder and brush it on the cheekbones, nose and a bit on the forehead - or anywhere the light natural hits your face.

Since we already have pretty dark eyes, pick a nude/light colored lipstick/gloss to balance-out the look.
Here I used a cool-toned pink gloss.

bali na leeg ko. HAHAHA

Check for signs of espasol-fez by using your camera's flash. This is especially helpful when going out at night.... in your scrub suit. 

ANNNDDDD THAT'S IT FOLKS. I'll double check this entry tomorrow for misspelled words/grammatical errors. Baka ma-grammar nazi ako. Keber nalang. Zo zleeeeeepy. Lutang na ko.

Excited for the fight tomorrow/later. GO PACQUIAO!

Have a fun and blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. You have really perfect eyebrows! And ang eye makeup, lakas maka-Liz Uy! <3<3<3 Will definitely try the orange concealer tip, thank you! I've been trying to hide my eyebags for so long, applying liquid concealer alone just won't do the trick >:(

    1. awww! Thank you! Eyebrows are my frustration! sobra. haha. Yes! Let me know how the orange concealer works for you :) I have REALLY dark circles so I've been trying out every technique possible. HAHAHA.

    2. They look perfect! I wish I could get my eyebrows to look like that T_T I'll try the orange concealer palang tomorrow, will definitely blog about it~ Btw, you know Jandra Babiera pala? Small world!

    3. haha. My brows are faaar from perfect. It's an on going frustration of my kasi I lack nice brows. haha. Yup! I know Jandra but we only met once during a makeup gig hehe. How do you know each other?

    4. I just got here from your latest post, bigla kong naalala nag-comment din pala 'ko dito haha :)) Jandra's a close friend of mine, we're schoolmates din. Halos pareho kayo ng kakulitan haha! Kung may blog si Jandra sigurado ganito rin ka-funny and entertaining haha <3 I do hope we'd get to meet you sometime <3