Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to: Day Makeup

Apart from the back to school vibe, for the fresh grads it's job hunting season! 
Bawal ang mga palamunin at batugan! (ouch. tinamaan ko sarili ko.)

So here's something we all can benefit from - how to put on day makeup that is suitable for school (when you need to look extra polished: thesis, revalida), job interview or pwede ring corporate makeup! LAHAT NA! hahahaha

Again, this how I do it. I'm not saying that you should follow it down to every letter but rather, go with what suits you best. Feel free to experiment and try on different colors and blending techniques. Go with what works for YOU ;)

Half pony para propeyshownal tingnan. 

pa-cute efek. no makeup. yikes!
Starting with a bare face, slather on some moisturizer with SPF and slick on some lip balm on your lips.

iz like a magic!
Dot on your liquid/cream foundation all over your face and work it into your skin using your fingers.
Conceal and cover dark circles and pimple marks.
Set everything with powder using a kabuki/fluffy brush in a buffing motion.

Start by filling in your brows using a stiff angled brush and a brow powder/cream. 
Here I am using my favorite: Makeup Forever's brow corrector in "Zero" + In2it brow powder.
Dot on a teeny bit of primer on the lids and blend thoroughly.

pengeng pang manicure. pls.
Using your fingers, swipe on a champagne colored shadow on the inner-mid portion of your lids.
Here I am using MAC's Ricepaper - it's frosted (too open up the eyes) but nothing too glittery or sparkly. Sa work lang tayo mga ate, di party.

1.Using an eyeshadow brush, dab on a MATTE brown shadow on the outer corner of your eyes. Here I am using Buck from UD's Naked Palette.
2. Focusing on the outer "V' area. Notice how I rounded up the edges - this is to give my eyes a "rounder" appearance. If you have deep set eyes you can lessen the "roundness". May sense ba sinabi ko???
3. Blend out using a fluffy brush.
4. Until a wash of color is left.
**Pansinin: I am placing my crease color a little ABOVE my natural crease because I'm a monolid aka waley akong talukap pag naka bukas ang matey. 

Using a plum/purple colored shadow, further accentuate the crease by concentrating it on the outer corner of your eyes.
Blend everything together using a fluffy brush.
***Wag pag diskitahan ang plum eyeshadow baka mag mukhang may black-eye.

1. UD's Naked
2.Using a matte light brown shadow, blend out any harsh edges from the previous eyeshadow colors.
3. Using the lightest shade earlier, highlight your brow bone.

1. Tightline your upper waterline with a waterproof black/dark brown pencil.
Here I am using Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in "zero"
2. Line your upper lashline with a black/dark brown eyeliner. 

1. Prepare a shimmery white liner as well as a matte brown liner.
2. Line the inner corners of the eyes with the white shimmery liner.
3. Using the brown liner, line the outer half of the lower lash line.
4. Set with the brown shadow used earlier.

1. Using a bullet brush (or a q-tip!) highlight your tear duct area and the area where you placed the white shimmer liner.
2. Go back to any sparse areas you missed with your liner. 
"Connect" your upper and lower lash lines.

1. Contour your face with a bronzer/darker foundation/contouring palette using a contouring brush. (paulit ulittttt. contour, contouring. line, linerrr. HAHAHA napaka rich ng vocabulary ko. My HS English teacher would disown me.)
2. Brush on a rose colored matte blush on the apples of your cheeks.
3. Dab on a coral colored lipstick (which I find very pretty and work-appropriate)
Here I am using my used and abused See Sheer from MAC.

We are d-d-done!

Tapos takbo ka sa office ng boss mo tapos sigaw ka ng
"I'm ready for my promotion!!!"

Time for some propeyshonal looking shots! gora!

POLO for the yuppie efek. HAHA.

Ok. Enough of my fez. OA na. 

I hope you learned something other than hassle-maglagay-ng-makeup-wag-nalang. huhuhu. Wag naman!!! Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear some makeup ideas you'd want to see in this blog. 

Comments are highly appreciated! ;)

p.s. I did this in my pajamas. HAHAHA. 


  1. The BEST! Very educational and entertaining :D
    Next time tutorial video naman!!! :)

    1. HAHAHA thank you dear friends :))

  2. Omg judy. Ikaw lang ang may kayang gumawa nito ng 5mins. Kahit basic lang, mga 30mins na toh para sakin. Haha

    Love all your posts btw! :) tama sila, entertaining and educational. Ngayon ko lang nalaman may white eyeliner pala! Haha

    1. HAHAHA! naman! Etong day makeup di talaga kaya ng 5 mins! yung isa kong post kaya yun ng 5 mins. hahaha. Glad you like my post :))