Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Palty Hair Dye in Caramel Sauce

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally dyed my hair from brown to black.

I know the :) has a filter but in person it was more orangey and brassy - plus my roots were showing up.
:) - Kolours in Chestnut Brown 4 months after (and several beach trips)
:( - Kolours in Dark brown (ANG ITIMMMM. More like black)
I just really wanted to go a shade darker to cover up the regrowth and brassiness but ended up dyeing my hair BLACK. ARGH!!!

ANG TANDERS KO TINGNAN! I avoided wearing too much makeup because my hair made me look "matapang" and older :(( So I had to wait it out and dyed it 2 weeks after.

So in my quest to color my hair again - I stumbled upon PALTY at SM Makati's department store. I was pleasantly surprised that they started carrying Japanese bubble dyes. I was hesitant to try a bubble dye again because of my unpleasant experience with ETUDE house and I even did a review on it. Looking back I would honestly say that the dye SUCKED. It was terrible. Didn't cover much regrowth and left my hair in a weird 2-tone. The worst part was it left my hair EXTREMELY ROUGH AND DRY (all caps kasi intense dryness talaga). Parang walis levels!

I never that the healthiest hair but goodgodman! this made it 10x worse. From then on I veered away from bubble dyes and stuck with salon treatments (if I had the extra money) or traditional dyes (yes the ones with ammonia) because they honestly do color better.

I am a hardcore KOLOURS fan. I find myself going back to this brand. I usually consume 2 boxes - and it's perfectly ok since it is super affordable at less than P400/box. (Minsan nag ssale pa. O DI BA?)

So with that being said, nagpaka YOLO ako sa buhok ko - and tried Palty. 

I had high hopes for you :(
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Fall Makeup Trend: Blue + Gold Eyes

Not unless you’re going to an 80’s costume party, blue eyeshadow has had a bad rep over the years for being tacky and just down right unflattering.

No. just, NO. 

But checking out 2013's fall makeup trends – you’ll notice blue eyeshadow making a come back. When done right, it can be worn beautifully for a night out or an event.  (def not date or church material haha)

Smokey eyes, cat eye liner and eyeshadow in blue family shades like periwinkle were are some of the makeup trends that caught my eye while browsing the NYFW 2013 fall collection.

Roberto Cavalli
Marc Jacobs
Jason Wu
Jason Wu

Jason Wu
Even Nicole Ritchie is rockin' the blue 
This look from Thakoon really caught my eye. Midnight blue eyeshadow and pretty gold glitter – I was in love.

If you’re adventurous enough, here’s a fun makeup trend to try out.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P88 Brush Cleaner/How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I've been keeping this gem of a product all to myself for months now and I feel that it’s selfish of me not to share it with you guys. PLUS I've constantly been asked to do a “tutorial” on how I clean my brushes. So what better way to do it than in one post! (tamad)

2 months ago I spotted this nifty item on Saizen’s shelves and bought it on a whim. At P88 – little deciding power was needed. I at once thought that it would make such a good and CHEAP brush cleaner that is probably comparable to the Sigma brush glove (minus the large surface area - hello?? P88 wag ka na mag reklamo). 

Side note: Shempre na-curious ako na triny ko muna sa fez ko – WAG. Wag mo nang itry kasi kalokohan lang. HAHAHA. It sucks as a “face brush” but works beautifully as a makeup brush cleaner.

I don’t have a picture of it in its full packaging but you can check it out here and here to have an idea (inggit ako bakit pink sa kanila)

Check out how I clean my brushes after the jump!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cleaning up with Cleansing Oil

Putting on makeup is one thing but removing makeup is just as important. I get a lot of questions from people on what’s the best makeup remover out there. In all honesty, I think cleansing oils are THE best makeup removers out there (wrong grammar ata. Hahaha)

Even if I’m a self proclaimed lazy girl, I am proud to say that I never, I repeat – NEVER slept with my makeup on (Sabitan ako ng medalya, please). No matter how tired, sleepy or wasted you are – please do yourself a favor and REMOVE all that gunk off your face. Imagine all of the makeup clogging your pores and not to mention messing up your bed sheets. Your skin will thank you in the morning. I hear people complain on how they break out on certain cosmetic brands but I ask them back – are you sure you removed all your makeup at the end of the day? WAG KANG TAMAD! Sa panahon ngayon bawal ang tamad! (hashtag: alammoyan). Like I say… putting on makeup is just half the battle.

Trust me, it doesn’t take much effort!


Before you get the Minola Oil (or Olive oil if pa-sosi efek ka) from your kitchen and start slathering it on your face - read on!