Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fake Account

Last night, a relative of mine messaged me in facebook that there's someone who's been using my facebook pictures for her twitter account :s

FYI This is not me. hahaha! I only have one twitter account: @joplanne

Thank you!

not me! I don't talk like that :))

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How-To: Lisa Frank Eyes

I couldn't think of a description for this makeup look since I did this with no specific look in mind. I decided to recreate my instagram profile pic, not exactly the a copy but close enough. 

The colors remind me of my grade school days when Polly pocket, kisses na nanganganak  pag binalot sa cotton and of course, Lisa Frank. These things were essential in being accepted in the very demanding world of a grade school Kulasa student. hahaha. Cool ka pag naka Lisa Frank ka.  Aminin mo!

I never owned any Lisa Frank item (di ba mahal yun???) but I sure did like the super girly colors and cutesy animals back then. WHO DOESN'T LIKE UNICORNS???? (I will cut a bitch who doesn't. haha) 

Not so sure if I feel the same way now though.

Napaka natural ng look na to. Perfect for everyday!!!

Read on to know how I did the eyeshadow for this look :)

How-to: Killer Kilay (WARNING: LONG POST)

I'M BAAAACK!!!!! Did ya miss me?

you can skip this rant of mine

Sorry for being such a lazy girl and not posting anything lately. Hay. A lot has happened and did you know that at one point I decided not to blog/do makeup for a moment because I doubted myself for the nth time? ANG DRAMA LANG DI BA??? Mga self-confidence issues ko nga naman. 

Blame the hormonal imbalance due to my PMS but I find myself getting all emotional at the smallest things... like say... Lord of the Rings (I MEAN, WHO CRIES WATCHING THIS??? AKO LANG!), oh and I finished a whole roll of chocolate cake that I ended up regretting and feeling fatter. Then I would tell myself "TOMORROW I WILL/PLAN/PROMISE TO --insert lie here--" (exercise, do my report, go to the dentist, study, heck even wake up early!) BUT I just end up lying in bed/watching TV/eating/whining how much weight I gained/eating/whining to the boyfriend. I just feel so... "blah" lately. My brain seriously lacks mental stimulation. ARGH. 

What's a girl to do when she feels "sad" and anti-social? MAKEUP TUTORIAL! Yay!

And YES I will FINALLY post the "most-requested" tutorial -- HOW I DO MY EYEBROWS. (Hi Anne! Eto na talaga! haha)

Read more after the jump!

oh and please tell me if you'd want to see a how-to on the eyeshadow I'm wearing in this post ;)