Thursday, July 19, 2012

How-to: Killer Kilay (WARNING: LONG POST)

I'M BAAAACK!!!!! Did ya miss me?

you can skip this rant of mine

Sorry for being such a lazy girl and not posting anything lately. Hay. A lot has happened and did you know that at one point I decided not to blog/do makeup for a moment because I doubted myself for the nth time? ANG DRAMA LANG DI BA??? Mga self-confidence issues ko nga naman. 

Blame the hormonal imbalance due to my PMS but I find myself getting all emotional at the smallest things... like say... Lord of the Rings (I MEAN, WHO CRIES WATCHING THIS??? AKO LANG!), oh and I finished a whole roll of chocolate cake that I ended up regretting and feeling fatter. Then I would tell myself "TOMORROW I WILL/PLAN/PROMISE TO --insert lie here--" (exercise, do my report, go to the dentist, study, heck even wake up early!) BUT I just end up lying in bed/watching TV/eating/whining how much weight I gained/eating/whining to the boyfriend. I just feel so... "blah" lately. My brain seriously lacks mental stimulation. ARGH. 

What's a girl to do when she feels "sad" and anti-social? MAKEUP TUTORIAL! Yay!

And YES I will FINALLY post the "most-requested" tutorial -- HOW I DO MY EYEBROWS. (Hi Anne! Eto na talaga! haha)

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oh and please tell me if you'd want to see a how-to on the eyeshadow I'm wearing in this post ;)

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul... so your eyebrows are figuratively the frames to your windows. Right? 

My friends know I have intense issues with eyebrows. HAHA. When I meet someone, it's the first thing I look at (I'm judge-y like that). Nang huhusga ako ng pagtao ayon sa kilay mo, so kung chaka kilay mo... chaka ka rin. HAHA. KIDDING! Of course not!!! For one thing I am no brow expert, I just appreciate nicely groomed brows... ALOT.

This weird obsession of mine stemmed from my lack of kilay to start with.... *start dream sequence*

I have VERY sparse eyebrows due to the fact that I let my mother SHAVE it when I was at the 6th grade (this was my way of "transitioning to HS" -- VERY BAD IDEA). My mama had the very best intentions of boosting my self-confidence at that time --- hello awkward teenager-I-hate-the-world-phase.

From there I went overboard with the plucking and shaving that they just REFUSED to grow back. In short nag tampo. Parang halaman lang yan eh.
timo di na tumubo o. GANDA LANG! kyut ni Pau no? (pansinin ang usong "buddha beads" nung panahon ko.. uyyy, if I know nagkaron ka rin niyan)

It was a couple of years ago when I started to get "serious" with my eyebrows and practiced on drawing them on. And drew on them I did. I drew them on too much that I looked like Betty La Fea/Helga from Hey Arnold. I cringe. It took me countless hours on youtube watching online tutorials and practicing on myself (Oo. kinarir ko.)

And don't get me started on drawing on brows on other people!

I find doing eyebrows tricky business. Since it all depends on the person's preference, face shape and look they want to achieve.

But here are some "rules" I personally follow:
- Brows should be 1-3 shades lighter than your hair color (except for blondes, which should be the opposite)
- NEVER use a black-colored eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows.
- DO NOT over pluck/tweeze/shave. It usually takes 3 months for brows to regrow. (Mine didn't, unfortunately. HAHA)
- Thicker brows make you look younger while thinner brows make you look older.
- Have your brows professionally groomed and shaped - tweeze out stray hairs in between sessions
-PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE <-- I still get very frustrated when I do eyebrows. I do have my palpak moments. I am no expert... I am just very passionate about them. HAHA.

AGAIN: THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE as to how I PERSONALLY do my brows. If you notice, I draw them on pretty thick which is a personal preference. It basically comes down to what you feel comfortable in. Got it? Good!  :)

Brow Products I Use

1. Brow Mascara - these are a god send in lightening your eyebrows and holding them in place. I personally use Japanese & Thai brands like Fasio.
Check out: MAC's brow set in boy-girl, Etude house also has a MAC dupe ;)
2. Brow Powder - BEST INVESTMENT EVER. Please get one for yourself specifically this brand in2it because: a) it will last a LONG time b) has 3 shades c) awesome color payoff d) doubles as an eyeshadow d) CHEAP!!!!
Check out: Benefit, Faceshop... heck it's just a plain matte brown eyeshadow. (MAC's "cork") Go figure.
3. Angled brow brush - I find that a stiff angled brush does the trick in applying powder to the brows in the most precise way.
Check out: Makeup Forever angled brush, MAC, Sigma, Suesh -- andame sa totoo lang.
4 & 6 Eyebrow pencil - There is a WIDE range of eyebrow pencils in the market today. Some don't need sharpening and come in a twist type form. Awesome stuff to keep in your makeup kit. Get ones with the spoolies attached on the other end!
Check out: MAC's Lingering (ANG GANDA, BUT UBOS AGAD! NAKAKALOKA), Etude house, Face shop, Everbilena (wag kang choosy, maganda pang kilay nila.)
5. Spoolie - Do not under estimate the power and versatility of a spoolie. It helps groom, blend and brush excess product.
7. Makeup Forever's Eyebrow Corrector in "zero" - YES, I made up a category specifically for this AWESOME product. It is a cream, waterproof product that shapes, tints and holds the brow in place. I LOVE IT. Plus it's very VERY MATIPID (arte? haha). A little goes a long way. I promise! I never get tired of pimping out this product to anyone who asks me what's a good brow-product.

Knowing Your Brow Shape

I already added a bit of brow powder because I forgot to do this first. Oops. haha
 Look straight in the mirror and with a white eye pencil mark the ff:
1. Align your brush along your nostril - this is APPROXIMATELY where your brows should start.
2. Still looking straight... angle your brush in a way that it hits the outer part of your iris - that is where your IDEAL arch should be.
3. Angle your brush in a way that it hits the outer corner of the eye - the line that extends is where your brows should end.
*Brows can narrow down/flatten a nose - closer-set brows makes the nose look slimmer while wider-set brows has the opposite effect. 

In short PLEASE HAVE YOUR BROWS GROOMED PROFESSIONALLY! I say YES to splurging on expensive threading/grooming! Yes to Browhaus (if purita... gora na din sa Laybare) Especially to the "brow virgins" out there. DO NOT OVER PLUCK AND OVER SHAVE. huhuhuhuhu. Have it professionally done (repeat 10000000x times to self). AND THEN saka mo sundan ang shape.

Side note: Personally, I have stopped having my brows groomed due to the fact that there is not much left to work with. Naloloka yung mga brow attendant sakin kasi wala nang itthread pa. HUWAG GAYAHIN.

Filling-In Your Brows
Hi kalbo

Here, I am using an angled brush dipped in water + powder
I basically use the same technique for the other products (pencil, cream etc)

1. Start by outlining the lower portion of your brows. I prefer to start midway and not at the inner portion upfront.
2. Outline the upper portion and where your arch should go.
3. Fill in your brows using the product left on the brush.
4. Finish up the tail end of your brows.

1. Brush out with a spoolie
2. With a cotton bud, make sure that the INNER PORTION of your brows is blended out. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DRAW THEM IN A BLOCK. I see people who do that and it ANNOYS the hell out of me ^ PMS talking ^
3. Clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud
4. You can stop at this point :)

1. To make your brows pop even more, take a tiny brush dipped in concealer and clean out the edges. Don't forget to blend it out.
2. Coat your brows with a brow mascara to lighten and set them in place.


*Contact lens from Japanese Candy (DUEBA: Girly Chip Soy Latte in Brown) Fast and smooth transaction from them :)

Long post but worth it.
You're welcome ;) group hug! HAHAHA


  1. Sobrang worth it ang pag-finish ko sa post na 'to! Your posts are really useful and yet, still fun to read! Dito palang nakikita ko nang masaya ka kasama haha <3 You're one of my favorite Filipino bloggers~

    1. NAAAAKSSS! Awww, thank you! <3 I really appreciate it! Sulit ang pag pupuyat. chos. hahaha.

  2. Hi Judy! Saan yung Japanese Candy contacts? Do they have a grade for contacts? :)

    1. Hi Liah! Online store siya :) yes! and they I have graded ones as well (that's what i use) I posted a link to it. Click mo nalang :)

  3. Naalala ko dito ung nung nagtanong ako brow products sayo te judy. I stopped using mac brow crayon dahil mabilis pa sa balitog maubos hahaha. Thanks for this. New ideas nanaman. Really curious sa brow corrector pero ipon2 muna dahil mahalia. Haha. :) See u on wed (dami dinaldal) -pae :)

    1. Sa wed magdala ako nung P85 brow pencil. Pakita ko sayo :) Pwede na! Promise! haha i'm assuming kampampangan yung word na "balitog" hahahaha.

    2. Sige haha. Hala kapampangan nanaman pala un?? haha. Yung kasama ng mani un na laging sineserve sa lamay. Hehe :) See u :)

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    1. Thank you! (super late reply. HAHA)