Friday, May 3, 2013

Cleaning up with Cleansing Oil

Putting on makeup is one thing but removing makeup is just as important. I get a lot of questions from people on what’s the best makeup remover out there. In all honesty, I think cleansing oils are THE best makeup removers out there (wrong grammar ata. Hahaha)

Even if I’m a self proclaimed lazy girl, I am proud to say that I never, I repeat – NEVER slept with my makeup on (Sabitan ako ng medalya, please). No matter how tired, sleepy or wasted you are – please do yourself a favor and REMOVE all that gunk off your face. Imagine all of the makeup clogging your pores and not to mention messing up your bed sheets. Your skin will thank you in the morning. I hear people complain on how they break out on certain cosmetic brands but I ask them back – are you sure you removed all your makeup at the end of the day? WAG KANG TAMAD! Sa panahon ngayon bawal ang tamad! (hashtag: alammoyan). Like I say… putting on makeup is just half the battle.

Trust me, it doesn’t take much effort!


Before you get the Minola Oil (or Olive oil if pa-sosi efek ka) from your kitchen and start slathering it on your face - read on!