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Cleaning up with Cleansing Oil

Putting on makeup is one thing but removing makeup is just as important. I get a lot of questions from people on what’s the best makeup remover out there. In all honesty, I think cleansing oils are THE best makeup removers out there (wrong grammar ata. Hahaha)

Even if I’m a self proclaimed lazy girl, I am proud to say that I never, I repeat – NEVER slept with my makeup on (Sabitan ako ng medalya, please). No matter how tired, sleepy or wasted you are – please do yourself a favor and REMOVE all that gunk off your face. Imagine all of the makeup clogging your pores and not to mention messing up your bed sheets. Your skin will thank you in the morning. I hear people complain on how they break out on certain cosmetic brands but I ask them back – are you sure you removed all your makeup at the end of the day? WAG KANG TAMAD! Sa panahon ngayon bawal ang tamad! (hashtag: alammoyan). Like I say… putting on makeup is just half the battle.

Trust me, it doesn’t take much effort!


Before you get the Minola Oil (or Olive oil if pa-sosi efek ka) from your kitchen and start slathering it on your face - read on!

I’ve been using cleansing oils for YEARS now (started waaaaay back in college). I’ve tried a multitude of brands from high end ones to department store brands. I first heard of this magical oil when the pioneer of cleansing oils came to the Philippines – Shu Uemura. I tried it and fell in love instantly… although my skin thought otherwise. Sadly, I broke out (which I seldom do) when I used this particular brand. It’s funny how a lot of people broke out on it as well. Sad --- Expensively sad. It eventually ended up as an expensive brush cleaner (but that’s another story).

After a few hits and misses I’ve learned to love and appreciate this magical oil all the more. I really don’t like using makeup wipes or makeup removers that you need to shake then NEED to use a cotton ball tapos lalagay mo sa mata mo tas OUUUCCHHH!!! PUTSJFDIHTIRHTWFHUFHBKAS IT STINGS LIKE A MOTHHHERRRF!
accurate illustration of me
 And they said it was “gentle on the eyes”. Those bastards.


Here's a pic from Laneige on how to use their cleansing oil. At dahil pabibo ako, I will show you how I do mine!
This shall serve as my "before" pic. Just came back from doing errands in this pic. Wore bb cream, liner, mascara, kilay blush and konting powder.
Lakas naman maka kilay. 

Just one pump would usually do it for the whole face.
See how it emulsifies with water upon contact
You girls usually ignore this part - but this is where the makeup builds up even if you think you removed everything. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the remaining makeup. Check out how much makeup is left. Yuck!

"after" tadaaaaa! Clean and makeup free!
DO NOT JUDGE MY NEKKID FEZZZZZZZZZ. (It took ALOT of courage from my end - ang hirap umangle ng maganda ng walang makeup. hahahaha!)
After using my cleansing oil, I usually wash up with my facial wash then slather on some moisturizer (which I made myself - proud moment) and eye cream - na feeling ko hindi umeefek sa eyebags ko. hahaha! Tapos ang laban!

So... since nakita niyo na ang akong walang makeup - CLOSE NA TAYO! Group hug! hahahaha

Here are some brands that I’ve tried and haven’t broke out on:

Missha Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil
o   One of my favorites to date! Thanks to my friend Juls who introduced me to this. The consistency is light, smells good and emulsifies my makeup off like a charm! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BRAND!!!!
o   Price: Basta you won’t go above P1000 (999? HAHAHA JOKE LANG!!!!)

o   Budget friendly? Check! – costs roughly around P400 and a bottle will last you months. One of my favorite brands. I always make it a point to buy a couple of bottles whenever I’m at Sasa (which isn’t very often. Ambisyosa lang.)It does the job and smells wonderful – citrusy fresh lang. oha.
o   Price: P350-400

o   My expensive cleansing oil. It hits past the P1k mark so minus points for that. However it does the job, smells decent and has a light consistency. I’ll only get this again if 1) I have extra money 2)”Libre mo ko?” hahaha
o   Price: P1000 (yata)

o   This is what I am currently using. It’s one of those “heavy” oils compared to Missha Cherry Blossom. I like it. Smells nice and does the job well. Removes waterproof mascara very well. Plus points for not breaking out!
o   Price: P750-P800

Also check out: DHC

  • Does the job in removing hardcore waterproof makeup – mascara, falsies, eyeliner. You name it!
  • There’s no need for cotton balls or wipes – just your fingers
  • A small pump goes a long way!
  • Since you won’t be putting too much pressure in breaking down the makeup pigment it will prevent wrinkles in the long run.
  • Doesn’t dry the face since it doesn’t have alcohol
  • Doesn’t leave the face oily at all!
  • It doubles as your brush cleaner too! (WALDAS PERA LANG. HAHA)
  • Try and check the label if what you’re getting is mineral oil-free. Mineral oil has been notorious for being comedogenic (causes breakouts and clogs pores)
    • Although the Biore one that I’m currently using IS mineral oil-based – I haven’t had any breakouts with it so far. MWAHAHAHA!
  • Remove contact lenses before removing your makeup unless you want to cry in pain and damage your contacts. Please. Libre common sense.
  • Try not to get it in the eyes – it does have a tendency to make your vision cloudy (tas magpapanic ka kasi bakit ang labo… nabubulag na ba ako??? HELP! Arte lang) 
So... that's about it. I can't think of a witty closing part for this entry. Ang boring ko. Hope this entry makes you buy cleansing oil and add it to your list of things you really don't need but buy anyway. 

P.S. I made this entry weeks before I left for the beach so I'm significantly lighter in the picture. wolo lungs.

P.P.S. Sobrang jologs lang ng theme ng blog ko. Sariling sikap with the HTML codes. I need help! haha I need a revamp!

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