Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: BOB Kill Black Gel Pencil Liner

After months of being on a makeup blog hiatus I AM BACK! And SUPER excited to share with you my new HG (holy grail) black liner. Road tested it for a week before blogging about it. Oha. For the love of makeup nga naman!

Let me introduce you ladies to the latest liner craze in Bangkok: BOB KILL BLACK gel pencil liner. Apparently this brand is extremely popular there and I can see why! This will definitely be a mainstay in my makeup kit (along with KISS ME’s liquid liner).

Click to read more about this amazing liner! :)

For reference. Pretty decent size.

What sold me: Make eye sexy charm. haha

What is it? 

Well it’s basically a gel liner in pencil form. Although it sounds like a novel idea, gel liners have been in the market for a couple of years now. We’ve seen big brands like Bobbie Brown and Avon release their own versions as well.

Why? Might you ask?

Gel liners are the easiest to work with especially for beginners with makeup since it is more forgiving and glides on your skin like butter (there for less tugging on your eyes!). On the down side, you need a liner brush to use it with. Hasslehoff lang talaga kasi kelangan may liner brush ka laging dala. Travel-UNfriendly

Pencil liners will always be a staple in a girl’s makeup kit since it’s handy and compact. However,  I ALWAYS have problems with the staying power on chinky or oily eyelids (akin combo pa. huhu)since they SMUDGE LIKE CRAZYYYY. Sad clown ang peg mo.

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It truly is the perfect marriage of both a gel liner and a pencil. AYLAVET!!!! PABILI NG 10! HAHAHA

What makes this particular brand stand out is the STAAAAAAAYING POOOOOWWWWEEERRRRR. When I say power as in mega rub na ako sa arms ko, aba ayaw matanggal, libag ko nga natanggal na yung liner hindi!

I even compared it with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in zero (their black color) and I’d let the pictures do the talking ;)

After 4 vigorous rubbings (ano daw?)
Medyo OA yung pag kiskis ko sa last part, namula. hahaha.

Also tried it on the back of my hand. Still got the same results.

As you can see, I was even surprised myself that it outlasted my UD one (*gasp*). I just wished I bought this instead of UD’s liner from the beginning since this is half the price and double the staying power.

At dahil di pa ko nakuntento, I decided to road test this the other day. I went jogging with eyeliner on. I don’t usually wear makeup when exercising since I find it silly (and pore clogging) PERO sa ngalan ng kagandahan at makeup!  GORA!!!

Here are some before and after photos P.S. I jogged for a good hour (WEH) with zero retouches on the liner

As you can see there's very minimal smudging. YAY!

umikli lang kilay ko. HAHA
  • SUPER STAYING POWER even in our humid Manila weather.
  • GLIDES ON SMOOTHLY (perfect for tight lining!!!!)
  • Dark color payoff.  Intense black.
  • Easily washed off with cleansing oil/makeup remover.
  • SUPER Affordable at P450!
  • Since it is a pencil, you do need to sharpen it from time to time if you want a thin line.
  • I wish they had more colors!!! (Browns, greens and purples would we lovely)
  • The name. Medyo morbid ang name nila ah! Bakit kill? Kasi nakakapatay tingin mo sa ganda after mo mag liner??? At da hu si Bob? Pwede bang Kill Jane? Or Kill Amanda? Kidding!!! 
  • Limited Availability: But good news for my Manila-based readers, you can purchase it at: :D :D

  • When lining, always give it a few seconds to “set” and I promise you it will be smudge proof. Kahit mag jogging ka pa buong araw!
  • When lining your LOWER lash line ALWAYS set it with eyeshadow to prevent it from smudging/creasing and giving it extra staying power.
  • Make sure that your liners are clean and ALWAYS apply makeup with sanitized hands (especially since you are dealing with the eye area)
  • Always carry a sharpener with you since you’ll be using this A LOT. Haha
I’d like to thank Fitz for sending me this gem of a liner. Thank you! Please do like their facebook page and START ordering asap! It’s definitely worth every centavo.


  1. just ordered this from Australia and it is great...much better as you said than brands more than double its price. Haven't sharpened it yet, but hoping my normal sharpener does the job. Will just put in into the freezer for a while before.

  2. Commenting to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG and HOPE YOU DON'T STOP POSTING (all caps because I mean it!! hahaha #fan) Super love all your posts because it's well-written AND funny. Hindi kita chinochorva dahil promise, the only beauty blogs I read religiously are Temptalia and Project Vanity (now you). Mej na o-over-saturate na ako sa mga mainstream local blogs so reading your posts was like a breath of fresh air. Promise. So pag tinatamad ka mag post ng swatches or mag tutorial, isipin mo na lang kami na nag aabang ng posts mo., okay?:)

    KEEP IT UP! xo