Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P88 Brush Cleaner/How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I've been keeping this gem of a product all to myself for months now and I feel that it’s selfish of me not to share it with you guys. PLUS I've constantly been asked to do a “tutorial” on how I clean my brushes. So what better way to do it than in one post! (tamad)

2 months ago I spotted this nifty item on Saizen’s shelves and bought it on a whim. At P88 – little deciding power was needed. I at once thought that it would make such a good and CHEAP brush cleaner that is probably comparable to the Sigma brush glove (minus the large surface area - hello?? P88 wag ka na mag reklamo). 

Side note: Shempre na-curious ako na triny ko muna sa fez ko – WAG. Wag mo nang itry kasi kalokohan lang. HAHAHA. It sucks as a “face brush” but works beautifully as a makeup brush cleaner.

I don’t have a picture of it in its full packaging but you can check it out here and here to have an idea (inggit ako bakit pink sa kanila)

Check out how I clean my brushes after the jump!

So here’s how I’ve been cleaning my brushes:

1. Pump a tiny amount of cleansing oil on a plate/mixing palette and gently work your brush from side to side to loosen the pigments. (I used Missha’s Fresh Cleansing Oil but if you can find something cheaper since it’s just for the brushes – please do!) You can also use olive oil (ang clazzzz) as Michelle Phan does but I think cleansing oils do a better job and they don't leave your brushes oily (esp if you’re dealing with lipsticks/cream based products).

2. Now, using the saizen face pad, add a bit of shampoo + water and swirl your brush around. (I prefer using baby shampoo/any transparent/clarifying shampoo.)

3. You may need to rinse the brush and add a bit more shampoo to work it into a rich lather. Continue until the soap bubbles don’t show any traces of makeup.

4. Rinse.

Always remember to use a gentle hand when cleaning your brushes and try not to get the furrule wet (the point where the bristles and the handle meet) since it may loosen up the glue that holds your brush together.


Once all your babies are clean, lay a clean towel near a wall/flat surface and have them dry DOWNWARD so all the moisture seeps OUT. Imagine if you just lay your brushes flat – all the water would just stay in there and eventually rot the wood out of the brush. EWWWWWW. Charot.

I also put a fan in front of it to make sure air circulates evenly.

For hygienic purposes, I also spray my brushes with a disinfectant solution. I've been using a mild and non-alcoholic version of Benzalkonium Chloride. So far it hasn't damaged my brushes (OR my face) so YAY. HAHAHA.

Brush Guard:

I also suggest on getting yourself some brush guards. These are little netted plastic brush err condoms(?... I should not have gone there) that “protect” your brushes in shape whilst drying.  (pun-intended).

They are a staple in my makeup kit and I thank the brush gods for such an ingenious creation!

Where to buy? It comes in a set with several sizes. I've had mine for a couple of years now and bought them online for less than P300. There are a lot of online sellers and retail stores carrying it now. Just google "brush guards". BUY IT, YOU MUST. *yoda's voice*

Please remember to CLEAN your brushes at least once a week (if you’re the only once using it) BAWAL TAMAD!!! Magkakapimples ang tamad! (I clean my brushes after every makeup gig to ensure everything stays hygienic)

So there you have it - my quick and easy version of how I clean my brushes (parang cooking show lang). Hope this helps you guys out!

(ang serious ng post na to. Ehmahgerd)

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