Friday, June 10, 2011

Etude House: Bubble Hair Coloring Review

I'm baaaaaack! After months of not blogging :) It's been a pretty busy and fattening summer for me so far. I can't wait to share what awesome finds I got from the States :)

So anyway, to start the month I wanted to do a product review on the uso Asian bubble/foam hair dyes out there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Etude House, a Korean brand, is now carrying a foam/bubble type of hair dye similar to the Japanese ones like Palty and Prettia (which are sold online for a pretty hefty price if you asked me). I've been itching to order the Palty one for quite some time now, but the pre-order-online thing made me lazy. haha.

At P378 a box, it's pretty affordable compared to the Japanese bubble dye brands.

Before anything else: I have dyed hair so I think the color outcome will vary depending on your original hair color.

No.2 in dark brown
this is what's in the box.

1. the color activator
2. Base
Gloves, plastic cape, directions & an after color conditioner
 Back story: I've tried coloring my hair in MANY different ways. At the salon and using your at-home dye kits (loreal, revlon, kolours, the ones with ammonia and even the no-ammonia type. You name it, most probably, I've tried it).

HOWEVER... trying a foam type of dye is such a novelty for me, the reason being is that it is foam (haha) and I got suckered in with the oh-so cute packaging :D

Foam/Bubble type of dyes claim that the application is easier without the mess of a traditional creme dye since it is in a foam consistency, it lessens the chance of dripping all over. It also distributes an even amount of color because it's just like shampooing your head. No need for combs, brushes etc. PLUS: They say it doesn't have that ammonia smell traditional hair dyes do ;)


the directions included in the kit is useless since everything is written in Korean with no translation :/ 

Step 1

Prepare the pump (No.1) and the sachet that says No.2

oh and you're as clumsy as I am, you can wear the gloves at this point as an extra precaution ;)
Step 2.
tear open the sachet and pour the contents into the pump .

the consistency of the dye is very much like water. It pours out very easily.

Step 3.
still in my PJs. lol.
gently TILT (do not shake) the bottle from side to side. You can also swirl it since the consistency is very much like water. 

Step 4.

take extra care in pressing the pump since it does have a tendency to fall/tumble over (happened to me like 3x)

dispense the foam by pumping

Step 5.

kamusta yung foam sa tenga at noo ko? haha. don't worry, it washed off easily! :)

With unwashed, dry hair, spread out the dye starting at the top of your head working downwards.
Using the excess foam, work it into the sides focusing on the sides such as your forehead and sideburns (?).

Gently knead in the dye with your fingertips as if you were actually shampooing your hair to distribute the product evenly. 

Step 6.

Wait for 30 mins for the color to seep through then rinse.

The bottle was MORE THAN ENOUGH to cover my shoulder length hair! Which is a good thing because the traditional creme-dye-in-a-box ones aren't enough for my hair length
(or baka magastos lang ako? ewan)

I STRONGLY recommend using the conditioner included right after rinsing because your hair WILL GET BRITTLE. AS IN SOLID
! Obviously, the tiny purple sachet wasn't enough so I mixed it with my Loreal deep conditioning hair mask and it worked fine. The brittleness was gone after soaking it in conditioner :)

Here's some before and after pics for your reference:
Note: ~ I needed to retouch on my roots since my black hair was showing.
~ My hair was previously colored last April using Kolours in Balinese Brown.
before: with flash
before: with flash

After: with Flash
you can still see the regrowth, but it's brown now. HAHA. labo.

After: Without Flash
Is there a difference? :)

THE VERDICT: Okay soooo the pictures suck. haha. You couldn't see much of the color change. In person, it turned my reddish-orange hair into a more yellow undertoned-ashy brown. It actually became lighter!!! I was surprised to see how light it was under daylight. The box said Dark Brown #2 (and it looked nothing like the color in the box. HAHAHA. OMG). I'm thinking it was because of my previous hair color. It was pretty bright. My hair now looks pretty light in an ashy-blonde-brown kinda way. I don't hate it, nor am I crazy about it.

~ The coverage was pretty thorough. I colored my roots pretty well but I could still see where my previously colored hair ends. There is more than enough to cover mt whole head. I'm betting a bottle could work for girls with long hair too (think 5 inches below your bra strap kind of length).

~ Application wise, it was VERY easy. Just mix, shampoo the color in then rinse!

~ As for the color, I'm not really thrilled with the outcome. It made my hair a bit more yellow than brown if you asked me. But again, it would say it was because of my previous color.

~ The best thing about it? It DID NOT burn my eyes (because of the fumes) and it DID NOT smell of ammonia AT ALL. AMAZING! My hair smelled really, really nice afterwards :) 

I say give this a try if your hair isn't as heavily dyed as mine, the color pay-off would be different :)

Would I try this again? Maybe. I'll see how this holds up in a few weeks :)

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