Monday, February 7, 2011

Makeup Forever: Color Flash Stick & Star Powder

Okay this is a very random post. I thought I'd share my 2-cents worth on these 2 items I purchased the other day at MUFE (Bonifacio High Street branch).

I needed to buy these 2 items since I'll be doing makeup for a mime-themed fashion show. Ideally I should be using MUFE's Clown White

picture from:
But since it was out of stock, Ms. Yuki (one of MUFE's awesome MUAs) recommended that the next best thing to do is to use their flash color stick instead.

Flash color sticks can make either transparent or very intense effect for the make up. Indeed, their highly pigmented creamy texture which leaves a very uniform coloured film on the skin.Flash Color does not dry and may be used to obtain shades that are impossible to create with other products. It can be blended onto the skin to create transparent shadow and light effects. Colours can be mixed together or with other creamy textures to create new personal shades.

(image and description from

At first, I was hesitant to get it since I was wondering what to do with this white grease paint after the fashion show. Well I realized that it can double as an eyeshadow primer (when applied thinly) or worn alone (or mixed with other pigments) on the lids and lips for more avant garde photoshoots.

Actually, the possibilities are endless.

But it you want a wider color range (and I don't think you'll need a WHOLE stick of product, unless you'll be using this as foundation. hehe), I suggest you get their 12 Flash Color Case instead. Temptalia and Makeupforlife have great reviews on this :)

Price: P1550
I got mine at P1317.50 since former Maquillage Professionel students get a 15% discount.


very creamy and pigmented
when swatched on my arm
blended using my finger
Like what the website says, it is very creamy and the color you see on the package is really what you get. So yay(!) for a very pigmented product! :) haha. labo. I doesn't dry out so you have to set this with powder, loose pigment or in my case, MUFE's star powder so it won't slide off the skin.

Pros: VERY pigmented.
        Can double as primer and can be used on the lids, lips, cheeks etc.
        Has a wide range of colors.

Cons: It is quite pricey.
         It has a tendency to crease. It WILL crease!!! (Since it doesn't dry up).

Tips: For a smooth a flawless finish, try blending this with a sponge (in a patting motion) than with a brush since using a brush will leave streaks due to its very creamy formula.
         Set this with powder or loose pigment to lock this in. I also tried baby   powder (I'm cheap like that) and it also worked! woohoo!

Second on my list is MUFE's Star Powder:

"Star Powder is a silky powder that catches the light and gives the skin an intense sparkle and unparalleled shine. Its extremely fine, yet dense texture makes it easy to apply. Only a small amount is needed for visible results.

Star Powder can be used alone or blended together, applied over other make-up or mixed with make-up of any texture to highlight areas of the face" -

Price: P1030
I got mine at P913 (ang mahal parin. susme)

This is in shade 941

zeh box

P5 coin for reference (It's so tiny!)

This is what I use if "sabog ang eyeshadow, bugbugin mo ng starpowder, bongga na yan" HAHAHA. One of the many tips I learned from MP. haha.

It's really very pretty in person, trust me! :)

My favorite sparkly powder to add life to the eyes. A little dab on the inner corners and the middle of the eye and VIOLA! Taray ng lola mo!

Pros: It has a WIDE color range.
        A tiny bit is all you need.
        The 941 shade is very versatile! Perfect for bridal makeup :)

Cons: EX.PEN.SIVE. (P1030 for a 2.8 g-product?)
         Again, it is a bit too small for the price.
         Messy and a lot of product wastage if you don't use it carefully.

You may find other cheaper alternatives for this but based on my experience and opinion, this really is one of the best ones out there. The color payoff is just so gorgeous :) (and for the price, IT SHOULD BE! hahaha)

I'll be using this to set the flash color stick for the fashion show on Wednesday. WAH. Goodluck naman di ba sa P918 ko di ba? Gagawin ko tong loose powder. I can imagine seeing all the little Peso signs flying off as I dab away on a model's face. HAHA.

That's all for now! :D

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