Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: VOV Cover Foundation

A couple of years ago, I modeled for a friend who was taking up makeup class at CAS. I noticed that this particular brand of foundation in a weird looking pot, was quite popular with the students. At that time, I really didn't bother to look up on it since I was busy memorizing chemical equations and doing lab reports (hello B.S. Pharmacy graduate. haha. hay).

Fast-forward to today, I've asked several MUA-friends on what affordable foundation I could use and I would always end up with the brand VOV coming up in the conversation. And after reading littlebeautybag's review on them, I was sold! So here I am, giving in to it and I am quite pleased with the results :)

VOV is a Korean cosmetics brand carrying a wide range from lipsticks, eye shadows etc and of course foundation! And a great thing about this brand is that their prices are very affordable.

I decided to order online since Watsons and PCX (Rockwell) most of the time doesn't have the stock of the cover foundation shade I want. And it's cheaper too!

Online: P450 (plus shipping fee)
Stores: P569

with the box
English translation
I got the darkest (DARK BEIGE) and lightest shade (PINK BEIGE) available
P5 coin for reference. Pretty tiny, but it's very matipid! 
when swatched on my arm
I decided to get the lightest and darkest shades since I could mix and match it depending on the person's skin tone. However, I do recommend getting a shade that matches your own skin tone if you plan to use it just for yourself :)

scooped out the product using a spatula for satination

my very bare face :s
without flash
with flash (didn't blend through the neck. haha)

After mixing the 2 shades, I applied the foundation using a sponge. A little goes a long way! As you can see, the veins on my cheek were covered and the pimple scar gone. Very nice! :)

Consistency: Thick and creamy but surprisingly very spreadable on the skin.

Coverage: Medium to full. It is very buildable depending on how you want it.

Pros: Very affordable, especially when ordered online ;)
        Online: My transaction was very fast and easy, got my package 2 days  after.
        Product will last you quite sometime since a little goes a long way. It's very matipid.
        Very nice coverage on blemishes.
        Most suited for dry skin.
        Can double as concealer too!
Cons: You have to order online to get the cheaper price and you can't test the         colors for yourself (unless you go to Watsons and check first. hehe)
         It will crease, especially on people with oily skin. I suggest ALWAYS setting this with powder.
         It has that floral-powder scent that I find quite strong. Think of those old-school Chinese whitening creams your lola used to put on at night.

Tips: ALWAYS set this with powder after.
        Apply with a latex sponge to adjust your coverage.
        Use a gel based moisturizer to avoid adding more emollients to your skin since this is quite oily already.
        You may skip your silicone-based primer since it is creamy enough.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and I recommend this to anyone who'd like to give cream foundations a shot. At P450 a pop, this is a steal! :D

~~~~~~Update: Sept 2013

Here's a pic of my good friend Paula whom I did makeup on for her Burlesque themed company Christmas party. I used VOV Cover foundation (hardly had to use any concealer) and set it with some loose powder. Very nice for stage makeup (since she had to perform)


  1. Great post judy!!! So excited for next week! Weee :D -JULS

  2. haha. Thanks Juls! Excited na rin ako :D

  3. where can i buy VOV foundation?..

    1. Hi! I bought mine online

      But there are also some stores carry VOV cosmetics like SM department stores (moa)

  4. hi! i wonder if you still use VOV cosmetics? i wish to purchase them sana, but can't find them in any of the malls in Manila, not online. thanks!

    1. Hi this is a SUPER late reply but I bought mine online years ago but I recently spotted VOV foundations at SM department store like MOA :) hope this helps!

  5. hi,
    Are you still selling Vov cream foundation? can I order?

    1. Hi! I ordered mine online years ago. I have no idea what the new website of the seller is. If you're based in Manila try checking out SM department store branches like MOA since I spotted a couple of VOV foundations there :)

    2. Hi Miss Judy! I;m wondering if VOV cosmetics still available as of now in MOA? coz I have been looking these brand from dept stores but coudnt find it. Some said that theres no supply of VOV anymore here in Philippines... When did u recently saw there brand in MOA?

    3. Hi marygrace! Naku the last time i spotted them was 2 years ago. Haven't checked back since then. If there's no supply on dept stores why not check out online makeup stores? :) If you wanna try affordable alternatives check out dollface and la faerie :)