Thursday, February 3, 2011

Suesh Haul

Hello there! :D

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I decided to do a Suesh “haul” for my first entry. I can’t say it’s really a haul since it’s just 3 items. Haha.

Suesh has been known to provide affordable but quality makeup tools here in Manila (and all throughout the Philippines and Singapore). I have a couple of their brushes which I got hold of in the past year through their bazaars, and may I say that I am quite satisfied with my purchase.

Today I went to their showroom at Greenhills to check out their whole range. Needless to say...

I was on cloud 9! 

Aside from their brushes and vanity and train cases, they also carry makeup brands like NYX, testimo, Graftobian, Castledew etc. The owner was very nice and answered all my questions about their products.

I read from askmewhats that you can make your own toolbelt by buying a real toolbelt from Daiso for just *drumroll please* P88!!!! I WAS BEYOND EXCITED to try it out. Sadly, the branch I went to didn't carry that type of toolbelt anymore *patalo* and I was too lazy to visit each Daiso branch.

(but not too lazy to go all the way to Greenhills from Malate. Labo ko rin eh)

I’ve been looking for a nice toolbelt for quite some time. It makes things easier (and prevents me from losing my brushes) when I do makeup on other people. I got their smallest (and cheapest. Haha) at P600.

(btw, I really fell in love with their PINK toolbelt!!! I'll be getting this on my next visit) 

For the mean time, this is what I got... 

Try tilting your head for now. haha. The laptop I'm using is busted, I can't rotate the pic properly.

It holds basically around 14 brushes and has an extra pocket. As you can see, it has an adjustable strap with a snap-on lock which fits quite nicely around my waist.

Another item I’ve been wanting to try are those little strips of velcro I see on youtube tutorials. So I bought a pair at P75 (pink of course. Hehe).

so sorry, the rotation on my brother's laptop is busted :s

Turns out, these are just literally strips of velcro. HAHA. Heck, even I can make this! (haha) BUT I love them anyway. It DOES put your hair away from your face without leaving your hair with indentations when you wear a headband when doing your makeup. (Well at least, I do.)

And love the fact that it’s so girly in pink :D

For the last item, it’s their blending brush I got at P350. I was looking for a nice blending brush, something like MAC’s 217. Yes, I know, MAC is MAC, but I am now funemployed (and poor)… so wala akong karapatang mag inarte. HAHA.

5 peso coin for reference :P

I love how soft the bristles are but not too soft that it won’t hold enough pigment. I have high hopes for this brush. I’ll update you guys once I do a review.

That’s all for now. Whew. Quite a long post for just 3 items. HAHA.

I am looking forward to more posts in this little blog of mine, for the mean time lets eat tikoy and celebrate the year of the bunny :P

Kung hei fat choi /Kiong Hee Huat Tsai everyone!

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