Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Etude House - Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK002

For a tiny lipstick that was a pretty long name -_-

Hello! Still no news of when my internship starts so product review and swatches muna tayo.

Last Sunday, I dropped by MoA's fairly brand new Etude House branch and got their brightest pink lipstick available.

Check out my thoughts after the jump!

WHERE: Etude House
FINISH: NOT matte. Similar to MAC's lustre finish lipsticks.

pretty tiny
ang landi lang!
I've been itching to get my hands on a bright pink lipstick for quite sometime now. I've decided to give Etude House a try since 1) They have pretty affordable stuff 2)I love the quality of Korean cosmetics 3)HOW CAN YOU RESIST A PINK-BUBBLEGUM CUTE STORE???

Like a moth drawn to the flames este the pink princessy walls, I immediately got their brightest pink shade.

The Low Down:

  • PK002 is a fairly bright bubble-gum pink with cool undertones - almost a like a soft lavender if you asked me.
    • I wished they would name their lipsticks in easy to remember words (like MAC) rather than obscure numbered-letters.
  • Packaging: CUTE. PINK. PRINCESSY. (Something your younger sister would want)
  • Okay for the price, the quality is not bad. However, I like my bright/neon lipsticks either matte or in an amplified finish (think of Morange's finish). 
    • I find bright AND glossy lips redundant. (Just my opinion and it really depends on the occassion)
  • As you can see on the swatches, you need to do a good double (or triple) coat to get an opaque finish. One swipe leaves a light, almost sheer finish - which is good and acceptable for everyday esp if you don't want to look like Nicki Minaj (it depends haha). --not so good since you'll finish your lipstick right away since you have to swipe it on more than once.
  • Since it had a semi-matte(?) lustre finish, it was pretty moisturizing - which I liked! 
  • Color pay-off is okay (keri na) considering the price P478 is better than 1k. haha.
  • As for the staying power, since it is not a matte finish it WILL fade faster. I wore this the other night, it lasted me about 2 hrs. Then wit na after eating dinner. Retouch -hassle (tamad).


  • Do exfoliate and prep lips with lipbalm since it tends to settle on cracks of dry lips.
  • As with pink-cool based lipsticks, this WILL make your teeth yellow(er) - so smile nalang ng pademure or magpableach ka ng ngipin. JOKE LANG!
Under natural light - double vs single swatch
Indoors - double vs single swatch
Pre-date shot using my phone (sorry for the weird looking brows)
Phone pic. 
Overall if you want to try something bright and pink but nothing that will break your bank account or shock people (too much), this is a good lipstick to try out.

Wow ah, infair andame kong nasabi sa isang tube ng lipstick. (My life is boring)


  1. beautiful,i love how kikay the packaging is

    1. it is! that's why I got sucked into buying it. hahaha.

  2. pretty!!pafollow back sis thanks!